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Executive Roomspace - Cramer House
London - Marylebone High Street

Description:Cramer House is a newly-built property of split-level, one-bedroom, duplex apartments, occupying two floors with private internal staircase and separate cloakroom.

The property is furnished to a very high standard, a lift serves all floors.

A few minutes walk north of Bond Street tube station, ideal for Oxford Street shopping, Harley Street and Marylebone High Street. There are numerous restaurants and shops in the area and Baker Street tube is also just a short walk away.

Facilities and services: Each apartment has washer/drier, microwave oven, TV, video. There are a limited number of private, underground parking spaces which can be booked subject to availability.

Room Rates: Starting at gbp. 650 per week.

Your Guarantee: The Executive Roomspace Satisfaction Guarantee states that if, on arrival, you find the accommodation is not to the standard you expect, we will provide you with an alternative apartment or a full refund, provided you advise us within 48 hours of arrival.

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